Envirotech: Pioneering Remanufactured Furniture Solutions in Canada

For a quarter of a century, Envirotech has been at the forefront of sustainable office solutions in Canada. Our journey, marked by innovation and commitment to the environment, has seen us divert over 27 million pounds of furniture from landfills. We’ve not only helped organizations save valuable resources but also significantly reduced their carbon footprint by offering remanufactured furniture solutions.

The Halton Region Project: A Landmark in Circular Procurement

In 2022, we embarked on a groundbreaking project with the Region of Halton. This venture was not just another contract for us; it was a historic moment in Canada’s journey towards sustainable office environments. Envirotech supplied over 1100 remanufactured workstations, making it the largest remanufactured office fit-out in the country. The Region of Halton showcased how circular procurement isn’t just a concept but a practical, scalable strategy that can be adopted across the country.

The Environmental Impact: A Significant Leap Forward

The numbers speak for themselves. By choosing Envirotech’s Remanufactured Height-Adjustable Workstations, the Region of Halton reduced the project’s environmental footprint by up to a staggering 80%! This achievement is a testament to our unique position as the only remanufacturer in Canada with a comprehensive third-party certified lifecycle analysis. The project led to the diversion of over 254,000 lbs of furniture from landfill – a monumental feat for a single project.

Looking Ahead: The Potential for Municipalities

This success story isn’t just about Envirotech or the Region of Halton. It’s a call for other municipalities to adopt circular procurement strategies. We are at a pivotal moment where sustainable choices can become the norm rather than the exception. If other municipalities and government organizations follow in Halton’s footsteps and include low carbon, circular & remanufactured furnishings in their upcoming RFQs, we believe it can revolutionize the standard for sustainable workplaces. This move has the potential to open vast opportunities for circular office furniture, setting a new benchmark in environmental stewardship.

A Sustainable Future with Envirotech

At Envirotech, we believe in leading by example. The Halton Region project is a beacon of what can be achieved when vision, commitment, and sustainability converge. We stand ready to support and collaborate with more municipalities, helping them transition towards a more sustainable, circular economy. The future is circular, and Envirotech is here to make it a reality.

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Published On: November 24, 2023
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