Toronto, ON   |   5600 sq/ft

Integral Group Case Study


Integral Group had its sights set on certifying its new Toronto office as the first FitWel office in Canada. FitWel is a cost-effective, high-impact building certification standard that optimizes building occupant health and productivity through targeted improvements to workplace design and policies. Faced with a limited budget, Integral needed furniture that was high-quality, cost-effective and aligned with FitWel’s healthy workplace philosophy. Using Envirotech’s signature blended solution of new and remanufactured furniture helped Integral achieve a healthy, happy and productive workplace as well as being recognized as Canada’s first FitWel certified office space.

“We were attracted to Envirotech for the remanufactured content of the good quality workstations & seating. It was important to us that the recycled content was there.”

Mike Godawa, Managing Director Integral

Project Scope

  • 50 Remanufactured Workstations
  • 65 Remanufactured Task Chairs
  • Meeting room and Collaboration Furniture
  • Green Wall

Brand Partners

  • Infrastructure Design