By our very existence, Envirotech is fully committed to the environment and the use of sustainable products and methods. We build dynamic work spaces using a seamless mix of high-end new and remanufactured / refurbished office furniture—all to create an environment that fosters creativity while respecting and protecting our shared natural resources.

We are committed to:

  • Carrying a complete line of new and remanufactured / refurbished high-end office furniture to meet the needs of today’s offices
  • Creating office spaces that are inviting, cohesive and inspiring
  • Providing quality office furniture that fosters a healthy workplace and minimizes the impact on the environment
  • Conserving natural resources by reusing and recycling pre-owned products
  • Extending the life of existing products and materials
  • Recycling quality products to save significantly on energy, expense and waste
  • Helping our customers become LEED certified through the use of our products
  • Operating in compliance with Federal, Provincial and Municipal legislation

By doing the following:

Conserving Natural Resources

Because fewer raw materials are used, remanufacturing / refurbishing conserves energy and natural resources. Office furniture remanufacturing / refurbishing extends the life of resources already in circulation such as wood, steel, aluminum, plastics and fiber, re-using them to the fullest extent possible.  Industry experts estimate that for each pound of natural resources used in remanufacturing / refurbishing, five to nine pounds of original materials are conserved.

Conserving Energy

Remanufacturing / refurbishing office furniture conserves labor and manufacturing energy. The amount of labor and energy required to alter an existing product during remanufacturing / refurbishing is 85% to 95% less than that required to manufacture a new product for our clients in Kitchener / Waterloo, Calgary, Toronto and all of North America. And considering much of the product has already been manufactured, remanufacturing / refurbishing saves an enormous amount of energy required for production, especially when metals are kept from the re-smelting process.

Reducing Solid Waste

By remanufacturing / refurbishing office furniture, the products as well as the natural resources are diverted from the solid waste stream.  For example: fabrics in the panel systems tend to wear out and the colors become outdated. Through remanufacturing / refurbishing the fabrics can be replaced and the office furniture and chairs returned to the Canadian and North American Markets at a reduced cost!

Reducing Air Pollution

Remanufacturing / refurbishing reduces the pollution caused by the manufacturing process. Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (Co2), sulfer oxides (S0x), nitrous oxide (NOx), volatile organic compounds, are all reduced by remanufactured / refurbished office furniture which in turns helps all of our clients across Canada and North America breath easier!