Steelcase is a United States-based furniture company which was founded in 1912 Steelcase is the largest office furniture manufacturer in North America. One of Steelcase’s most popular line of seating is The Steelcase Leap chair, introduced in 1999, sold 5,000 chairs a week during its first year and became the company’s most popular product launch. This ergonomic office chair was designed with eight adjustable areas for users to control. The Leap chair is considered one of the best ergonomic chairs in the industry. Envirotech Office Systems designs and remanufactures / refurbishes dynamic workspaces using adaptable workstations / cubicles, office chairs / seating and storage solutions by Steelcase. Envirotech carries renowned Steelcase Chairs like Steelcase Leap Office Chair, Steelcase Think Chair, Steelcase Criterion Chair as well as Steelcase Cubicles like Steelcase Answer, Steelcase Avenir and Steelcase 9000 cubicles.

Popular Steelcase Chairs: