Teknion Leverage Cubicles

Teknion Leverage Cubicle

Teknion Leverage Cubicles are adaptable and easy to customize. It achieves desired functionality through panel segmentation. Due to its structure, it tends to last longer and better. Envirotech Office Systems sell refurbished Teknion Cubicles across North America.

Teknion TOS Cubicles

Teknion TOS Cubicles

Teknion TOS Cubicles sets the benchmark for system furniture planning. It has an engineered design framework that is durable and long lasting. Envirotech Office Systems sell remanufactured Teknion Cubicles across Canada and USA.

Teknion 6×8 Cubicles- Sold

Teknion 6x8 Cubicles

The Teknion 6×8 Cubicles are in good shape. They include lots of features such as a white board, a mobile BF pedestal, a 2 drawer lateral, and an overhead bin.