H.M Canvas Station With H.A.T

Herman Miller Canvas stations 6′ x 6′ 3″, 42″ high with 7″ up-mount glass on the center spine. Each station has a 30 x 60 Electric Height Adjustable Table with mounted screen, 19″ x 34″ return surface, 6/12 mobile ped, 2 dwr 30″ lateral file, 15″ wide x 42″ high shared laminate tower. Canvas Panels are powered, 30″ and 42″ wide with 72″ glass.

Mfr: HM Canvas Stations with HAT
Quantity: 318
Specification: 6X6.25 ft
Height: 42 inches
H.A.T: 30 X60
Fabric Color: 1/3 Orange, 1/3 Blue, and 1/3 Purple
Condition: Good
Region: Southeastern regions of the United States
Date Available 07-Sep
Minimum QTY: 50
Category Used

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