AO2, Tall stations 6×6 or 6×8

Nice inventory of 4′ and 2′ wide, 67″H panels with 2 overheads and 2 freestanding peds per station.

First 150 stations available first week of December. Should finish up by mid January.
Product is: Used, Still Standing
Located in: Omaha, Nebraska (NE)

Wholesale Price:
Additional Product Details

Herman Miller AO2
600 (Min. Purchase: 50)
Overall Size:
Spine Size:
72 wide x 67 high
Side Panel Size:
96 wide x 67 high
Other Sizes Avail:
6×6 qty 600
72spine x72 side,qty:600
2 rectangular
2 file peds, 2 overhead bins
Electrical Power, Tasklights
Fabric Color:
gray mix
Trim/Paint Color:
Medium tone
Worksurface Color:
Light tone
More than 10 Years
8 (1=fair to 10=excellent)

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